Namma Metro

For those of you who still don’t know what this is about, Namma Metro literally means, “our metro” or “hamari metro”. Also known as Bengaluru Metro it is a giant step taken as the city progresses towards being a metropolitan. Last weekend I took a ride on the metro to see how the experience was.

A Namma Metro token

This token serves as your ticket

The metro stations have been very nicely built, the expertise of DMRC people being taken. Security is very tight, and that is for your own safety, as we noticed some people being asked by the security personnel to look after their kids, as the kids moved towards the track. Plus the main purpose of the tight security is, well obvious these days.

The first phase of Namma Metro, is from MG Road, the most happening place in the city(and apparently the only one other than Koramangala) to Baiyappanahalli. The stations are very close to each other, and so the train halts every few minutes. Since the metro is still new, most of the passengers were first timers, tourists like me, and very few were daily commuters. I believe once the Metro completes second phase, it will cover most part of the city, and will become the most used mode of commuting.

Now less words, and more photos :)

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Moved to Bengaluru

Every journey has an end, the same happened to my time in Mumbai. After almost 3 years of romance with the city, the separation has come. Mumbai will always be like second home to me. I spent the best moments of my life here. It is said that you can take yourself out of Mumbai, but you can’t take Mumbai out of yourself.

It has been month since I moved to Bengaluru, I’ve realised that once you’ve lived in Mumbai, life can never be the same. Everything you first hated when you landed here, grown upon you, and you fall in love with the city for exactly all that.

I have not been able keep the blog updated, or keep up to the promise of sharing the photos taken by me. But I hope I’ll be able to do that here in Bangalore. Will be exploring the city as the days go on, and try to see the Silicon Valley (rather Silicon Plateau) of India through my lenses.

This one is to Mumbai :

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!
~Author Unknown



We have moved…

Hi All

We have moved to a new host

I am going to continue with the long lost blog once again :). This time it will be a little different. We’ll see a collection of photos clicked by me on this blog here.

I decided to put some time and money into photography, which has always been my hobby. I started as a kid with a small Halina film camera, and ever since then I have always been the one behind the camera.

A my first personal camera, I did not want to go for a mere point and shoot one. Of course they take nice snaps, but I wanted to learn, and have a little flexibility. DSLRs are obviously awesome and the professional cameras, but i did not have the kind of budget to buy a decent DSLR camera (the one I liked was for $1200).

So I looked for a nice bridge camera, and found Fujifilm FinePix S2950

It is a really nice camera, and truly value for the money. You can get in online for about INR 9,000-10,000 and from the stores you’ll get it for INR9,999+. The camera offers a lot of options, and basic features of a semi-pro camera, that will help you learn how to use manual controls. You can find more if you google for it.

As i needed help I found this group on Flickr of people using this camera, and they are really doing wonders. Let’s hope I can learn to do the same with it.

So we are going to see what the camera does for me, or rather what I do with it.

For more, keep coming back.

Hidden Folder / Folder Options not working

If you are facing any problem related to folder options or show/hide hidden folders i.e. You changed the “Show hidden files and folders” but the hidden files are still not coming. And when you check the folder options again it has gotten reverted back.

To resolve goto this link , download the Registry file and merge it to your registry (just double click the file you have downloads)

Working day and night

Hi All

My apologies, i have not been able to keep my promise of keeping the blog updated. I have been too preoccupied with my work, that I could not give attention to this.

Currently working on a Telecom project, as a Siebel Administrator and Associate, busy working for long and odd hours.

Learning new stuff each day, will post more about my “Adventures in Mumbai” very soon.

Till then, take care, play safe!!


The moving process is over now. Took lesser time than I anticipated.
Thanks to the export/import feature of WordPress, and numerous tutorials on the web, that tell us how to move your site and all permalinks without losing visitors (and to some extent the PR)
I am gonna start posting stuff soon.

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 19-Review

The guys at Fox always know what they’re doing or they turn any lousy work of the past into something great when they have to.

Just when you thought Prison Break season 4 was not going anywhere with, very little action and seemingly dumb new characters, and almost stagnant story, they have put a sharp turn into it by revealing that Michael and Lincoln are not brothers :-(

Whats more shocking is that the truth comes out of the mouth of the bitchy mother Chrisitina who is now playing the central vamp on the show.

She has played it well in these 3 episodes, and i really hate her character, specially after she put Linc and Mikey in the setup at the end :|

With T-Bag taking another step out, going on the General’s side, the show is bound to get better in the coming episodes. Whats interesting is the show has only 3 more episodes to go now, so there’s going to be a lot of such shocks coming.

These days I am keeping track of Prison Break, Lost, House M.D. and  Sarah Connor Chronicles, and i must say that right now I am waiting for the next episode of PB more than anything :D

Wish a nice weekend to all of you